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The ETM Simulator utilizes a microcontroller specially developed with the cutting-edge technology, and is not a controller of general industrial use as other Simulators offered in the Brazilian market, that allows:

1. Maintenance level close to zero! 100% guaranteed operation and quality control by tests in Giga.
2. Easy Maintenance! It uses easy access and handling connectors allowing maintenance to be performed by station personal.
3. Low cost of replacement! The controllers of general industrial use are much more expensive because they perform many general functions different from the ones of ETM equipment.
4. Better metrological results! High processing power and 32-bit architecture ensures better results than the controllers of general industrial use.
5. 100% automated soldering in reflow! Avoids rework and ensures long lifetime even after being under severe temperature conditions.
6. Connectors of Industrial grade! Material imported from Germany, from one of the most renowned cutting-edge technology companies in the world.
7. Board contacts made of noble metal!
8. Prevents oxidation and malfunction.
9. Protection of the input sensors!
10. Prevents electrical transients and external noises ensuring operation even in unstable electrical conditions!
11. Electrical protection of sensors and power control of encoder and optical sensor! Increases their lifetime guaranteeing very low levels of maintenance and replacement.
12. Detection system of errors and malfunction with online diagnostic!
13. Robust Ethernet Connection with data protocol and AES256 bits encryption!
14. Dedicated Firmware that meets all requirements of official announcement 01/2013 from INMETRO!
15. Metrological system 100% embedded! No dependency on computers.
16. Cryptographic Memory! To protect the settings of the simulator and digital certificate as required by the official announcement 01/2013 from INMETRO fully embedded, not requiring external devices like Smartcard or Token.
17. CPU designed with SMD technology assembled in fully robotic assembly line!
18. Doesn't use response curves to measure the perimeter of the tire! The perimeter is calculated dynamically even for special manufactured tires and out of the most widely used standards.
19. CPU sheltered in ABS and clear acrylic cover to display all information via the LCD display embedded in the board!
20. Board settings through embedded system with access by the browser and SSL protocol that ensures safety and avoids tempering!


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